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september 2010:

check out the new album "lost:time" here -

you can order a copy of the limited edition 180 mg white vinyl release and get an instant download of the album in the format of your choice. a download only option is there as well.

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NOTE: this site often lapses badly out of date with the current happenings. please refer to our facebook page for the timely stuff and this site will be more for goodies etc...

thanks to all who came out to the june show with shearwater and the ubc show with great lake swimmers. it was fun to play as a full band again. stay tuned for more. jonathan also joined them for a few songs at richards (pic) and lucky bar.

also we have pressed some more copies of WAITING FOR MORNING which has been out of print for a while. and we have more copies of HALFWAY TO A BETTER PLACE now too. see the "buy cds" page for more info.

ok - thanks for checking in. feel free to send us an email at info [at] jonathan inc dot com too. or click on this to join the email list.

also - we have just recorded a version of "drag us down" for an upcoming INBREDS tribute album! i love that band.

what else? oh yeah! Things Done and Left Undone was released on a new label in germany callled artic rodeo who have done an amazing job getting a lot of coverage on the internet over there. AND they pressed cds and vinyl copies.